Halloween 2014

E’s first Halloween! We went easy this year with the costume because I figured she wasn’t going to tolerate much for long anyways. We decided on a ballerina which fit this petite girl perfectly since she is ALWAYS pointing her toes and is one flexible¬†baby. Her daycare had an adorable Halloween parade through the front hall of the Federal Building. The kiddos tolerated it so well!



Royals Selfies

To close the gap on the last post, our KC Royals took this city on quite a ride and made it all the way to GAME 7 OF THE WORLD SERIES! Unfortunately, we lost 3-2 to the San Francisco Giants in a heartbreaking game. We took some family selfies to prep for Game 7 and I thought I would include them.

Thanks for a great season, boys!

wpid-20141029_173739.jpg wpid-20141029_173751.jpg wpid-20141029_173722.jpg wpid-20141029_173958.jpg

My personal fave

My personal fave