Walkin’ E

E wasn’t really showing any signs of wanting to walk on her own. She would walk while holding hands or on to an object, but as soon as that hand or item was gone, she’d drop to the floor. In fact she wasn’t even really standing by herself for more than a few split seconds. Well, two days after her 1st birthday, she was playing in our bedroom and I looked over at her and (unprompted and unassisted) she was standing up on her own! A few seconds after that, she decided that since she’s standing, she might as well try to move those feet forward. Lo and behold, baby girl did it! Not only did she do it once, but she was determined, she practiced for at least 15 minutes!

I, personally, was not only thrilled by her accomplishment but also that all the stars had aligned for this: She did it while home (not at daycare), Mom and Dad were both home to witness it (President’s Day), she tried long enough for us to get it on video, and she was actually dressed cute as opposed to catching her on video while still in her PJs that are covered in oatmeal. Yay!


E’s First Birthday!

We can’t believe the first year is down. I remember your actual “birth” day like it was yesterday and I always think back to what an absolutely perfect day it was. How our entire lives changed at 10:32am in the most amazing way. How I was positive you were going to be a boy until your Dad exclaimed “Uh… that looks like a girl!”. How I just kept staring at you thinking “I really get to take her home?”. It has been the most amazing year and Dad and I count our lucky stars every day because we get to call you ours.

E’s first birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we decided to hold a small brunch to celebrate. We tried to keep the shindig small since we were hosting it at our home and also because… you know… because she won’t remember this. I wasn’t sure how she would handle all of the attention, but baby girl totally embraced it. She even started dancing when we sang “Happy Birthday”. She wasn’t all too excited by the cake (just like her Daddy), and after only a few bites, she signed that she was “all done”.

Big thank you to R and Aunt A for snapping some great photos of the day!





Love the look on her face. "What on is going on here, Mom?"

Love the look on her face. “What is going on here, Mom?”




This is about as dirty as this little lady got.

This is about as dirty as this little lady got.




P twins!

P twins!