Walkin’ E

E wasn’t really showing any signs of wanting to walk on her own. She would walk while holding hands or on to an object, but as soon as that hand or item was gone, she’d drop to the floor. In fact she wasn’t even really standing by herself for more than a few split seconds. Well, two days after her 1st birthday, she was playing in our bedroom and I looked over at her and (unprompted and unassisted) she was standing up on her own! A few seconds after that, she decided that since she’s standing, she might as well try to move those feet forward. Lo and behold, baby girl did it! Not only did she do it once, but she was determined, she practiced for at least 15 minutes!

I, personally, was not only thrilled by her accomplishment but also that all the stars had aligned for this: She did it while home (not at daycare), Mom and Dad were both home to witness it (President’s Day), she tried long enough for us to get it on video, and she was actually dressed cute as opposed to catching her on video while still in her PJs that are covered in oatmeal. Yay!


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