So long HOA…

We closed on our old house over a month ago and I am just now getting around to blogging about it. I wanted to make sure I have a post to remember “our first home”.

Backstory: House of Awesomeness (also known as HOA) is a nickname that M&J deemed the good ole house in South KC when they lived there. This house began as a true bachelor pad in 2006. We are talking mattresses on the floor, fish tanks in the dining room and free furniture galore. Upon moving in, M&J decided the utility closet in the basement needed to be converted to a bar complete with a kegerator, tap, mini fridge, and TV. It was deemed Three Sheets Bar and that bar (and the boys) were famous for their Cinco de Mayo parties, Halloween parties and also any other reason they could find to get friends together and drink. In 2010, J moved out and I moved in. From 2010-2015, we tried our best to convert that house out of it’s bachelor style and in to a “home”. M put a lot of blood, sweat and tears in to that house through a complete bathroom re-do, hardwood floor install, front entry-way tile laying and the list goes on. We made fun of that house for a lot of reasons (double black diamond driveway, gun fight in the front yard, possible radiation from the nearby plant, cooler room, etc.) but that house did contain a ton of amazing memories. It was sad to say goodbye.

I so wish I had photos from all the different stages of this house, but these “After” photos will have to do.

6-30-2015 12-13-35 PM

6-30-2015 12-13-18 PM

6-30-2015 12-13-24 PM

6-30-2015 12-13-12 PM

6-30-2015 12-13-05 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-58 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-47 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-53 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-40 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-25 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-32 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-03 PM

6-30-2015 12-12-16 PM

6-30-2015 12-11-32 PM


3rd Anniversary

June 1st marked our 3rd wedding anniversary. In the three short years we’ve been married, we’ve gone fairly low key for anniversaries and, in fact, we are yet to buy each other any anniversary presents. Maybe someday, who knows. Anyways, this year we opted to go back to the site where it all went down… Californos! We loved our reception venue and the fact that it’s a restaurant as well means that we can go back anytime we dang well please. We took the little one with us this go-around and although she made eating a romantic dinner much more difficult, it was fun to let her run around in the same spot where we danced the night away 3 years prior.

Happy Anniversary, M!

Happy Anniversary, M!

Our brick outside of Californos

Our brick outside of Californos

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E testing out the dance floor

E testing out the dance floor