E’s Bedroom

Being the first child has so far paid off for E in our new house. She is the proud occupant of a room that is equal size to our master and a ton of space for such a little being. And to be honest, I am quite jealous of her room. She’s got magnetic chalkboard walls, a teepee to hide out in, and a playhouse bed. What else does a little girl need?

In order to prepare for baby #2, we needed to steal the crib out of E’s room so this meant it was time for a big girl bed. Whether she was ready or not. My Mom found this idea for an adorable playhouse bed and M spent a Saturday morning building it. I loved how it turned out and also love that her Daddy made it for her. I can’t wait to decorate it, I’m just not sure how yet. Thinking maybe seasonally? But anyways, we figured having the mattress on the floor was also a good idea as we weren’t sure how the transition was going to go and seeing how she’s already fallen out a couple times (no injuries!), mattress on the floor was a good call. E really does seem to be enjoying having a big girl bed in her room as she loves to play on it while she’s awake.

Her room is still missing a large shelf (again, hopefully made by Daddy-O) on the wall with her dresser and also a rug (I can’t decide which one!), so hopefully I’ll update this post with some real “after” photos someday when we actually complete the room.

In the meantime, here are the before and after photos that we have. Beginning when we first bought the house, then her nursery and finally, her big girl room.










Update: We finally got the shelf built and installed thanks to M! Here is a not so great photo of it. I love the meaning behind so many things on this shelf. The little teddy bear on the left was M’s when he was little. The K-State Barbie was mine and I love the idea of passing it down to E (although she can NEVER take it out of the package), and the little framed booties were actually my Grandpa’s (yes, I meant Grandpa not Grandma) when he was a baby. Grandpa was the first one I told about being pregnant with E. He passed away just a few days after we found out. Those booties mean a lot. 🙂



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