My 30th Birthday!

Long rambling post ahead: We’ll start out by saying “poor M”. For his 30th birthday, I hired one of his fave bluegrass bands and threw him a surprise party. Since he is 6.5 years older than me, I’ve always given him a hard time that he has plenty of time to plan for mine. Well, as soon as we found out we were expecting this year, I immediately knew my 30th would be a little tamer than it might be otherwise. But of course, that didn’t mean M was off the hook. I still made sure that he knew I wanted to do SOMETHING… just not sure what that “something” was. Well, M deserves an award. Even through all of my moodiness, difficultness, crazy (let’s just go with crazy) this pregnancy, he still loved me enough to plan out an absolutely amazing day for me! I can’t seem to find the words to express how appreciative and impressed I am with his stealth-like planning skills and overall thoughtfulness. There are also so many accomplices to thank as well. My Mom and Mom-in-law cleaned my freaking house for crying out loud! They helped to prep everything and there were so many friends/family that were apparently better at keeping secrets than I ever gave them credit for. So…  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!

Okay, okay. Now, on to the day.

M wouldn’t give me ANY details about the day beforehand. We woke up and he told me we were going to head to breakfast in about an hour, so I should get ready. E, M, and I went to First Watch and enjoyed a nice family breakfast before the craziness of the day ensued.

When we got home, my 2 besties A and A showed up and I still had no idea what was going on. M even tried to give it away by telling me that we heading somewhere therapeutic, which made me guess spa, but I got real confused again, when I saw him packing a cooler full of beer. What kind of spa was this??? Well, lo and behold, the cooler was for the limo that pulled up in front of our house!! Us girls jumped in and we headed to the spa for some massages (amazing pre-natal massage for me!). Unfortunately, I have no photos from this part of the day. Mainly because I am guessing that would just be awkward.

After massages, we got back in the limo and ended up at one of my fave KC restaurants, The Mixx, for some lunch. At this point, the girls told me that we were running a little late and I would have to get my meal to go. Confusion really set in then. Why was I leaving them? How were they going to get back to wherever? And would I now be in this huge limo by myself? So many questions. Well, M showed up at the Mixx and jumped in the limo with me (and my to-go salad). And for all those very concerned about logistics like me, A and A took Mark’s car back to get theirs at our house. 🙂 Still no photos… sorry, I suck.

M and I headed to River Market where we got out at Farmhouse and saw D/R, K/J, and B/C. They were finishing up some lunch and drinks. I am not that familiar with River Market, so I really had no idea where the next surprise would be. Well, as soon as we left the restaurant, I immediately saw the large “Breakout KC” sign on one of the buildings. This is a newer place in KC where they lock you in a room and you have an hour to solve puzzles/clues in order to escape. I had mentioned to M a while ago that I wanted to try this out and he apparently listened. I was pretty stoked. Long story short, our team basically dominated and we broke out of their 2nd hardest room with 8 minutes to spare. We all had such a blast and we left there wanting to try out their other rooms. Finally… a pic from the day!


After Breakout KC, the whole crew got in the limo and we drove around KC for a bit. This gave everyone time to enjoy a few brewskies/Boones Farm and for me to (yet again) be confused as heck as to where we were heading. Well, we finally started heading back to our ‘hood, and I thought “I’m sure the time on the limo is up and we’ll just hang out at home now”. Well, I guess I was partly correct. As our house came in to my view, I saw the streets lined with cars and there were balloons on the back fence. I was already in shock before my eyes even made it to the people crammed in to our front patio. I can’t even remember what I said at that point. I do, however, remember what I was thinking: 1. How on earth did M pull this off without me knowing?!?! and 2. Holy crap, my house was a disaster when I left this morning. Please tell me it magically was cleaned somehow (and thanks to the moms, it was!!). The party was so much fun and the food was not too shabby either! Between M and the Moms, we had all of my favorite foods: Joe’s BBQ, pasta salad, candy corn and peanuts, Jacque cake, and enough alcohol to get a small country drunk. I will enjoy those left-overs in a few months. 🙂 (And all of the following pics are thanks to my sis-in-law, A!)











Just when I thought the surprises were over, I was told to stay in the living room for one final surprise. When I was allowed to go outside, I just saw a couple of curly heads poking out over the crowd and immediately knew… Irish Dancers!!! My mother-in-law pulled out the stops and got a few irish dancers to come perform. It was such an unexpected and fun surprise (for the guests as well – most people didn’t know they were coming).







Oh and did I mention, that M and the Dads even hung tea lights on the back patio for us to enjoy as the sun went down? Seriously, all of my fave things and people crammed in to one day. It was a birthday I will NEVER forget!


Our good friend, R, also took some great photos from the day and you can see her post here: