Halloween 2015

Halloween was a lot of fun this year with little E. I decided fairly early on that I wanted her to be Madeline. Madeline was my favorite book when I was little and E absolutely loves it as well. M was hesitant about this costume because before he had E, he had never heard of the book Madeline. I assured him that EVERYONE knows who Madeline is and he just doesn’t know because he grew up with only brothers. Well, it turned out I was wrong. I would say only about 50% of people have heard of or read Madeline, but that still didn’t sway my decision. I asked my Mom if she would make the costume and she was luckily as excited as I was about this idea. She is a very talented seamstress and made a dress, coat, AND cape that could not have been more spot on. I bought a straw hat for E, spray painted it yellow and hot glued a black ribbon to it (my part was pretty easy). We threw some white tights and black mary jane shoes on her and she couldn’t have looked any cuter! M came around to the costume once he saw how adorable she looked and it didn’t hurt that anyone that DID know who Madeline was raved about the costume. Thank you to my mom for her hard work and to M for going along with my idea.


Our Halloween festivities began the Sunday prior at the Fairway Trail of Treats in our nearby park. E had a great time painting a pumpkin, attempting some of the games, and just watching all of the other kiddos.




The Friday before Halloween (Halloween fell on a Saturday this year), E’s class had a parade through the 1st floor of the Federal Building (like last year).


On the actual day of Halloween, we visited great grandma and my parents before resting up for a long night of fun. That night we headed to our friend’s house in Westwood Hills where they close down the streets and the houses decorate big. Our friend B even had a projector set up outside so that we could make sure to watch Game 4 of the World Series (more on that in another blog post). E really enjoyed following around her buddy, E, and was much more eager than I thought she would be to march on up to the doors to get her candy. We stuck around B&C’s house late to watch the end of the game and didn’t get E in bed until after 10:30 but she was such a trooper! I had a blast with her this Halloween and I know it will only get better from here.





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