Santa 2015

We debated not visiting Santa this year. Although E loves to point out any Santas that she sees, we knew she would be less than thrilled about meeting this stranger in person and frankly, we didn’t want to stand in a long line just to get a photo of a screaming and traumatized kid. Luckily, the city of Fairway put on a Christmas gathering/party of sorts at a nearby historic site. They had candy cane hunts (they were hung on the Christmas trees that were for sale), coloring activities, cookies, hot cocoa, and best of all Santa and Mrs. Claus! When we arrived there was no line to see the first couple of Christmas so we walked right up. E immediately grabbed a hold of M’s shirt as though her life depended on it. We knew we weren’t going to force anything so M tried to calm her down and just stood next to them for a photo. Santa was even sweet enough to sing Jingle Bells to E afterwards but baby girl wasn’t feeling it. She was pretty excited to move on to the cookies and coloring.


The story behind this last image: Like I mentioned above, there was a candy cane hunt through the trees. Well, as we were leaving I noticed this candy cane hanging on her hood, which neither M nor I put there. So, her coat was either stealing canes or some older kids put it there as they ran by. Either way, we got a good laugh out of it.

And finally, as we were leaving, Santa told E “I can’t wait to see you and your sister next year!”. We’re hoping to find out if Santa is right or wrong any day now!