Christmas 2015

Welp. Against my request, Santa brought E one more Christmas as an only child. The due date came and went and we were still yet to meet baby A #2 (more on that later). The good part about my due date being on Christmas is that there was plenty going on to distract me and take my mind off the waiting game. The negative is that I was 9 months (really 10 months) pregnant and pretty dang miserable. I spent the majority of the holiday celebrations sitting down.

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning was spent at our house as a family of three. It was so much fun to see E grasp the joys of Christmas a little more this year. We “made” cookies (okay, okay, they were slice-n-bake. remember the whole 10 months preggo thing?) and set them out for Toonta, which is how E pronounces Santa. The next morning, E loved  seeing her brand new custom made (thanks to Daddy!) coloring table that Santa brought and also tearing in to the wrapped presents. When she first woke up and we told her that “Toonta” had come, she did want to clarify that “Toonta go bye-bye?”. As shown in the Santa blog post, she would much rather Santa stay at a distance.



The amazing table that was crafted by Daddy and delivered by Santa.



And a due date belly pic. Sorry for the blurriness.

After presents were opened at our house, we headed to Nana and Papa’s.


The day after Christmas (still no baby) M’s family came to our house for more food and presents.


Well, we sure did miss you this Christmas, Baby Albright #2, but we will have plenty more to make up for it!


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