New (Used) Car

The time had come. My 1998 Honda CRV had been so good to me, but when kiddo #2 came along, it quickly began to shrink. It also began making more odd noises and wasn’t quite as trustworthy as it once was. I knew I wanted a Honda and I have always liked the Pilots, so, the decision was easy. We went with a 2014 model and compared to what I had before, I feel like I’m driving a Rolls Royce.

Goodbye ’98 CRV. You will be missed (not really, but I feel obligated to say that).



And the new beauty!

Yes, I realize they are similar looking. A girl knows what she likes.


E’s 2nd Birthday

E’s 2nd birthday festivities began on that Thursday prior (her actual b-day fell on a Sunday) when I took cupcakes up to her class during their Valentine’s party. For the record, E is quite the fan of icing, not so much the actual cake part. Also, she was BY FAR the last one done eating. All her friends had gotten up and were on to playing and she was still taking her sweet time. Her teachers said that is the norm. Her pace of eating always reminds me of her great grandpa, E. Lyn.


On Friday, we took her out of school and went to Sea Life with her bestie, E, and her family. The girls had a great time looking at all of the “fishies” and our E even surprised us by being adventurous enough to touch some of the starfish.



Here is how N and I spent the morning. She was so good and slept through the entire aquarium.

Unfortunately, the morning began to go downhill quickly. We were finishing up the aquarium right around nap time and everyone was starving. We headed to Crown Center to grab a quick bite to eat. The boys waited for the pizza while R and I attempted to keep two toddlers happily snacking and one baby from losing it. Once our food finally arrived, it didn’t take long for our E to knock her mac-n-cheese in to M’s OPEN backpack and while we were cleaning it out, D accidentally knocked over my diet coke. By this point, N was done for. We all packed up and headed out as quickly as possible. Once we got back to the parking garage, I accidentally stepped in puke that some stranger graciously left behind our car. I then proceeded to track it in to my NEW (used) car!! And to top all of that off, once home and both girls were successfully napping, I pulled out the pizza that I had opted to eat at home instead of at Crown Center and immediately dropped it on the floor. I decided it was a sign that I should just have cupcakes for lunch, so that is what I did. It was a morning we all had a good laugh about (after the fact).


This photo perfectly sums up the beginning of the end.


On Saturday, we invited immediate family over for pizza and cake to celebrate. E had a great time and was spoiled with some great presents (bike, tea set, wagon, tutu, clothes).


And finally, on her actual birthday, we really didn’t do much other than play and rest.


Happy birthday little E! We love you so much!


N’s First Lake Trip

E had her first lake trip at one week old which was when we closed on the Lake house. We waited just a little longer this time for N’s first trip… one month. It was a gorgeous, unseasonably warm January weekend and we headed down on a Thursday to get a couple extra days in. Other than M trying to critter-proof the shed (some pesky rodent has made himself at home this Winter), we didn’t do too much work and mainly took it easy.

The lake flooded again the week after Christmas and we were anxious to see the damage. We could see the water line which was up above our fire pit (higher than it was on the 4th of July), but other than getting in our shed and possibly ruining/requiring fixing of the lawn mower and chainsaw, we came out unscathed. We can’t complain since our neighbors had a few FEET of water in their basement. Ugh.



wp-1456925729307.jpegwp-1456925729471.jpegwp-1456925729760.jpegDad and E put together the dresser for the bunk house. E is quite the helper.wp-1456925730548.jpegwp-1456925729591.jpegFriday afternoon we drove to the W lake place to check out their renovations. This is one of the lake houses I grew up going to and I have so many amazing memories from here. They are basically tripling the size of their house and I can’t wait to see the finished product. It is going to be gorgeous. And that view from the top balcony… swoon.wp-1456925730597.jpeg


We had one of the most gorgeous sunsets our last night there. Photos don’t do it justice.


And finally… The weekend we were down fell over what would have been Tanner’s 9th birthday. It’s been 6 months since he passed and we’ve had his ashes this whole time. We never questioned what we should do with them and his birthday felt like the right time. Tanner was a true water dog and no place made him happier than the lake. He’ll always be there with us.