Easter 2016

My grandparents had the PERFECT yard for hiding eggs and Easters at their house are such a treasured memory of mine. Well, when we saw our current house for the first time, I took one look at the yard and thought “this yard would be great for Easter egg hunts!”. So, we decided to start an Easter tradition. We invited over some friends and their kiddos and held our own Easter egg hunt. The eggs were hidden harder for the older kiddos and and an easier hunt was set up for the youngins. We provided bagels, yogurt, fruit and beverages as well. Because what is a 9:30 am Easter egg hunt without booze? I honestly didn’t take very many photos at all, but here is what I did take.wp-1460580655282.jpegwp-1460580654339.jpeg


Colors were assigned point values.


As for our actual family Easter, E loved both coloring and searching for eggs this year. We spent Friday evening with my family and Sunday with Dad’s family.



The Easter Bunny came and brought flashcards, a game and bubbles for E and lots of clothes for Nat.


The girls in their Sunday best.




St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Having kids has tamed down our St.Patty’s days QUITE A BIT, but it’s still fun, nonetheless. This year we headed out to the Brookside parade with some friends on the Saturday before and although the weather was cold and rainy, we still had a great time!




After the parade, we all took our kiddos and made a stop at the Brooksider bar for a quick drink. This is where M and I met 9 years ago. We’ve come full circle.


On the actual holiday, M and I took Nat to a local Irish themed restaurant/bar and had lunch. And here’s a photo from lunch SIDEWAYS, because WordPress will NOT ALLOW ME TO TURN IT! Ugh, I’ve been having a hay-day trying to work with WordPress lately, so… just turn your head in the meantime. 🙂


And finally, here is a pick of the girls on St. Patty’s. This was the best we could get and I love it. E wore that same onesie on her first St.Patrick’s Day.



Our House…

…in the middle of our street.

April 16th marked one year since we closed on our house. I kept putting off blogging about it because I wanted some “finished” rooms to show, but then I realized “when is a room ever really finished”? And besides,  I’m sure one day we will enjoy looking back and seeing what it looked like in the various stages.

Since moving in, we (and by “we” I mean either us OR we paid someone)
have knocked down a wall between the kitchen and living room, sanded/stained the floors, painted the exterior trim, seeded the lawn, painted all interior trim, painted E’s room, painted Nat’s room, painted dining room, painted wainscoting in living room, removed doors on built-ins, painted kitchen cabinets, painted built-ins in hallway, replaced tons of pulls, replaced a few light fixtures/fans, replaced outlets, re-routed some plumbing, fixed the chimney flue, painted the fireplace insert, re-routed some vents, removed shutters, removed overgrown bushes, built a firewood holder, and purchased a new couch and dining set. Oh yeah, and that was also all while growing a human (we found out we were expecting two days before closing).

Whew. We are exhausted and broke. We still have a LONG list of things we’d love to accomplish, but we really do love this house and we see ourselves here for the long haul. So, I guess we have time.

Here are a few before and afters. April 2015 vs April 2016.





Dining/formal living. We don't actually like this shade of blue, but it will have to do for now.


Nat's room