Winfield 2016

I finally made it back to Winfield this year and it did not disappoint. Just like in 2008, the normal Winfield fairgrounds flooded so all the campers were relocated to a nearby lake. Our group actually loves it because it provides a little more breathing room at the campsite and less stress in terms of how early you have to get down there.


If I could sum up Winfield in one photo… it would be this one:20160917_230932

Team Acres 2016

We all headed to GB for Labor Day weekend to have fun at Team Acres.


4th of July 2016

M’s entire family came down for the 4th of July at the lake this year. The forecast called for rain the ENTIRE weekend and I remember thinking ‘It can’t actually rain whole time’. Turns out… it CAN. We were down there 5 days and we only saw the sun once.

Regardless of the weather, we all still had a great time. Puzzles were completed, booze was consumed, food was eaten, and we also made sure to swim in between the lightning.



M, myself and the girls did go down a day early and that was the only day of sun. We finally got the flag hung!


What the sky looked like 95% of the weekend.


Uncle G was ADAMENT on bringing their boat over regardless of the rain. We got a good laugh about this.



A more accurate depiction of the photoshoot.