Easter 2017

Lots of Easter festivities this year. We all know I love a good egg hunt. 🙂

First up, our annual Easter egg hunt with our friends and believe it or not, I only took one photo!


Next was Easter with my side of the family.


Then Easter at home with just us.


And finally, Easter with Mark’s family at Mike and Tree’s.



Niagara Falls 2017

Amanda turned 30 this year and that meant one thing… Girls Trip!!! We had several places listed on our excel sheet (literally), but knowing that Niagara had some amazing wineries, airfare was pretty affordable, and getting to see a wonder of the world (even though it may or may be one officially) meant that Niagara Falls won out!

The weather was HORRIBLE. Granted, we did choose to head north during late spring/rainy season, but believe me when I say that we did not see the sun the entire time we were there. They even cancelled the winery tour we signed up for, to which the lady at the hotel replied: “Wow, they never cancel those tours.” (sigh)

Regardless though… all us girls really needed to be happy was some rum and wine and, luckily, they do sell that regardless of rain/clouds. As for attractions, we were able to go under the Falls (SO cool), enjoy some High Tea, ride on the nighttime boat tour, and conduct our own personal tour of the cutest little nearby town, Niagara on the Lake.

I love these girls so much and I feel so unbelievably lucky to have them in my life. I have no doubt that we’ll be taking these girls trips when we’re 80. 🙂



Our rental car. There are perks of traveling with Amy.


View from our hotel window.



Behind the Falls. It really was surreal.



This about sums up the weather.



Happy Birthday, A.Ross!!